Be gooi.

/'gu:i/ [adjective]
anything fun, good, out of the box thinking, and leaves you wanting more.
a mygooi blog with gooi things, people, places, and thoughts.

Live the Gooi life.

From my past blogs, I’ve hoped to have shown you what it means to be Gooi. Since I have been back in the States, I have been asked questions about my trip to Europe. 

One of my favorite stories to tell people is my trip through the Archipelago with Gabby, the ultra-cool Graphic Designer. We hit up three different islands and got to go explore and/or go on a tour. On the first island, we went on a tour for about ten minutes then decided to go and be 21st century Christopher Columbus’. We made it to the other side of the island and decided to take some artsy pictures to post to Instagram to show how hip we are. I had set my alarm for 15 minutes before the ship was supposed to leave again. My alarm went off when Gabby and I were trying to figure out self-timer on my Canon. We gathered our things and started our journey back to the mothership. We ran into a tiny problem - we couldn’t remember which way we had come from. To make matters worse, Gabby thought we should go one way, and I the other. We went my way first and ran into a barbed wire fence. At this point Gabby, is having a panic attack and using all of her might not to yell at me so my name comes out sounding like “muhREEuh.” Meanwhile, I’m laughing my ass off, trying not to pee my pants considering we’re about to get stranded on an island in the middle of the Baltic Sea. The boat is sounding its horn to let us know that we have five minutes to get ourselves on the boat before it leaves. We finally start to go Gabby’s way, and what do you know? She was right. (Surprise, surprise). 

So there we are, running across the island with Gabby repeatedly saying my name in a condescending tone to get me to stop laughing and run faster. However, I am not a runner, never have been and never will be. We run thru a pasture and get to a gate with a sign that read more or less something like, “Please shut fence completely so the sheep do not escape.” Of course this fence is probably 286 years old so I have trouble shutting it and Gabby’s already 20 feet ahead of me, still yelling and I’m still laughing. We come to a fork in the road (of course) and Gabby takes the lead and finally the ship is in sight and the two boat boys (or whatever you call them) are preparing the ship for take off. The rest of this story is history - we made it on the boat with seconds to spare and after about an hour, Gabby forgave me for being directionally challenged and after two hours, she finally could laugh about it. 

The point of that long story is that no matter how much you plan something, inch by inch, the best stories come from the unplanned. 

What I am saying, is that it’s okay if a plan gets thrown off of its course. Just take a deep breath and relax. Laugh a little. Odds are the more horrendous the situation, the more hilarious the story will be. So why not laugh right from the start? If there is one thing I have learned this summer, is that every single thing happens for a reason. 

To me, living the Gooi life, is taking that terrible situation and turning it 180 into something that is gooi. Take what you’ve been dealt and go all in, what do you have to lose? Gooify your life. 

How to How to

Dear reader, if you exist and have enough loyalty to this blog that you have come back to read more of what I have to say, then I thank you and apologize for not having posted much recently. I hope you have not lost faith and found some other blog to follow. I’m currently sitting in the airport getting ready to leave and trying not to cry. 

With that out of the way, I owe you an app review. The app of the week is… SNAPGUIDE. Snapguide is a way for people to share a step by step how to on things ranging from Jell-O shots to fried chicken to drawing a giraffe. If those things alone didn’t make you stop reading this post and go buy Snapguide now, I really don’t know what will. You can even read up on how to identify fake Ray Bans, how cool. 

The guides are step-by-step with pictures for those of you who are like me and hate reading instructions. After you’ve finished, you can “heart” the guide or leave a comment saying that the fried chicken should have more seasoning. If you really like someone’s how to, you can follow them which is pretty cool. 

I personally tried out how to make a fruit cookie pizza thing on the foyer of July cause what’s more American then cooking food that makes you fat? However, Sweden tends to lean towards the crunchy granola side. The first crime committed was not having pre-made cookie dough. (Jon didn’t even know that people eat raw cookie dough, wth). I had to slave away in the kitchen making from scratch, cookie dough and the icing and cutting up fruit. I have never put so much blood, sweat, and tears into baking a cookie, or baking anything for that matter. 

This app is great for moms and dads and grandmas and kids and nannies alike. It’s especially great for anyone who is anti-instructions manual. 

How I became a Pluviophile


Paul and I had been sitting at our computers for what felt like hours listening to David Bowie as the wheels in our heads turned and turned. We researched, we read, we examined, we discussed, we worked. Half way through the day, we decided to take a walk through the woods. 


Gabby came home on Sunday. On Monday, we got right to work and after a few hours I suggested that the three of us (Jon, Gabby, and I) find a good place to pause our work and go for another walk. By the time we had gotten back, I could barely walk 10 feet without scratching my legs. I changed clothes and immediately realized that I had at least 15 new bug bites the size of a quarter. However, we had come up with a brilliant idea for Mygooi. 

Going to the woods is a time for me to close my laptop and be independent from it. I can think outside in the fresh air and be a part of nature. There’s something about it that makes me think clearer. Since the majority of my job right now is to sit in front of a computer, it is refreshing to get away and clear my head. It’s amazing the ideas you can come up with while taking a stroll through nature. 


Ville comes over and we work hard as #agentsofgoo. I mention how I want to keep on going with this daily walk through the woods. Ville and I invite Jon and Gabby to go but they both had a lot that they needed to get done, so off Ville and I went. We passed the park so I knew we were on the right path. However, a short time after that, we took a wrong turn and I didn’t exactly recognize where we were. Then it started to rain. Then it started to pour, and before I knew it, it was storming. 

"Ville, please don’t hate me if I got us lost," I said nervously laughing (half kidding, half serious). Ville is too nice to get upset with me so he says, "We can figure it out."

About a half an hour later, we are still trudging through the mini streams, mud, and moss. Ville occasionally seeks shelter from a tree to see if his phone can offer any help. We go off the path in order to get back to Jon’s safely. At this point, I am soaked all the way to my drawers and Ville’s beard is dripping wet. 

Through this whole thing, I am trying so hard not to laugh. I’m tempted to just take off my jacket and embrace the storm that has graced us with it’s presence. But then I realize that Ville has probably had enough of my crazy antics for one day. So i chose to cooperate and move forward behind my captain. 

"Atleast my coat and boots are waterproof,” proclaims the captain. He neglects to look at me and see the fact that nothing I am wearing is relatively close to being waterproof. 

I think of all the clothing I am wearing and realize that I don’t have anything that I’m thankful for at that moment. Then I say, “Well Ville, at least I’m in good company.” 

Through the storm, we had several more intellectual conversations. It was a time for us to get to know each other even more. I was able to learn from him in ways I never thought I would. He gave me a great insight into his own life. However, the greatest insight that I learned from losing my way in Swedish woods was that getting lost is not a waste of time. 

Whether you are with people or by yourself. Something about the essence of nature brings out a different side of people. So I encourage you to go get lost somewhere, despite the whether, and see not just where you an discover, but what you can discover. 

Ville and I went to Flyt restaurant on Friday to see if they were truly gooi. Flyt is on a boat in the lake Mälaren on Norr Mälarstrand that serves the people of Stockholm during the summer months. The boat was crafted in 1901, but Flyt has occupied the boat since 1999. We got Jimmy, the manager to concoct a gooi summer drink for us to try out. All of the ingredients were organic which was unique to Flyt: a homemade elderberry syrup, Sea Buckthorn flavored Virtuous Vodka, and lemon juice. 


There’s something about being rocked by waves with your friends while relaxing music plays in the background. The environment that Flyt has set up is cozy and exciting all at the same time. There are blankets and heaters for when people get cold. There are couches, benches, and tables inside and out. The servers are charming and efficient. If you find yourself in Stockholm, this is a must! 

Gooi drink made by a gooi guy in a gooi bar. 


Every Sunday, I will download a new application, use it for a week then blog about it the following Sunday and repeat. “Maria’s Application Sundays” if you must (MAS). This weeks application is “Yo.” I’ve been using it for about a week and a half and on a scale from 1-gooi, it’s definitely gooi. 


The word “yo” dates back to the 15th and 16th centuries for the purpose of getting someone’s attention. However, it is said to have really popularized in Philadelphia in the 1940s.

Think of Rocky Balboa when he is squating next to his wife, Adrian’s, tombstone and says “You know I couldn’t have done anything without you… Yo Adrain, we did it,” (then your heart feels like its getting ripped out as he turns and walks away, but that’s besides the point). Balboa is one of the many who have spoken this revolutionary word. 

The point is- the word yo has evolved into cultures and has found a new use through the app, “YO.” At the tap of a finger, you can choose a username, a password, and find your friends. Then tap their name to send them a yo!

Yo is taking communication to a whole different level. 

Not only is the color scheme appealing to the eye, but the app is so simple that even a mom can figure it out. No more confusing apps or cluttered emails. Communication with zero characters. One might think that it is a stupid concept because it’s so simple but the possibilities are endless with yo:

Need to tell a friend who is in Sweden that you miss them (hint, hint)? Yo.

Need to tell your kids that its time for dinner? Yo. 

Need to tell your parents you aren’t coming home but you’re still alive? Yo.


Get a yo when your favorite sports team scores. Get a yo when you BFFEAE posts to Instagram so you can be the first to like it. Get a yo when your toast is ready. Get a yo when your country scores in the World Cup.

I’m going to connect my blog to yo so you can subscribe. That way, whenever I post something you will receive a simple “yo.” For now, send me a Yo to tell me you miss me (; mcorpuz 

(ps: thanks to Phil for recommending this app to me and shoutout to my 6 yo-ing friends on it, way to be tech savvy & super hip)

food for thought for an angsty teen

It’s almost 2am here in Stockholm and I just finished an hour long, intellectual conversation with Jon.

It started off with something along the lines of:

"Jon, can you just tell me what to do with my life? What am I supposed to study? I don’t know what I want and I need some answers." 

After a long discussion about what I’m passionate about and what Jon has experienced in his lifetime, I have much to think about. 

He left me with this thought, “There aren’t answers, there are only decisions to be made.” 

Our world has become so fast paced that we go through life making different decisions every day. Whether it is right or wrong, eventually it will teach you something. Nothing you do is a waste. Some may say, “Well that was a huge waste of time,” while trying to learn how to crochet. But really all that was, was you discovering that you don’t like crocheting otherwise how would you know? 

Just some gooi brain food that my brain is still trying to digest. Thoughts? 

(p.s. it’s still light here and it’s 2:15…) 

god natt. 

so long, farewell.

As I sit here trying to think of what to type on this blank screen, I decide that the best place to start is with some music, my usual first thought. As my beloved Spotify is starting up, I’m trying to figure out what kind of music I’m in the mood for, something that will inspire me to write about my experience in this wonderful city. Is there a playlist that consists of music to describe my somber, melancholy, grateful, infatuated mood? Probably not. I’ll try my best to find one anyways. Browse. Genres and Moods. Mood. I scroll through different playlists: Unrequited Romance, Deep Dark Indie, Just Cry Sad Songs, and multiple others that just put me in an even worse mood. This is clearly not the way to go.

Ding. What’s better than some Fleetwood Mac for my smorgasbord of feelings? Search: Fleetwood Mac, Shuffle. This is more like it. 

You can go your own way. 

Ya know when you finally find something that you are passionate about? I am so, incredibly lucky to have found something that I love doing in the past ten days. How am I simply supposed to pick up and leave? I’ve just now started to get the hang of things. I’ve learned that one of the main things people want is to be heard, to be actually listened to.

There are things that you can take advice for, things where you can learn from other people’s experiences, successes and failures. But some things you must do on our own, like flying 4,287 miles to a city where you know no one and don’t even really know what your mission is. 

In my last couple of hours, Bernie looks at me and starts to play the End Of The Road by Boyz II Men and he and Tom start to lip-sync and I can feel the tears stinging the back of my eyes. And now they’ve moved on to Without You by Air Supply and Tatiana has joined in. I’m going to miss this, but it will always be a part of me. But for now, I have to go my own way, all the way to Stockholm. 

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